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Help to your heart. The natural remedy strophanthin, or ouabain, as it is often called in English literature, helps a stressed and diseased heart. It stabilizes it and keeps us fit and healthy. It is a scandal that modern medicine will forget about this wonderful cure! Our goal is to preserve strophanthin for future generations.

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About us 

Goals of the Strophanthus eV

Aims of Strophanthus eV: Members of this association receive free telephone advice at any time from Dr. Wieland Debusmann Tel. 0171 – 3457322v (Germany). Here is also the link to an information flyer that you can distribute to interested acquaintances. With Strophanthus eV we have set ourselves the goal of promoting public health, especially in the area of cardiovascular diseases, and pointing out their causes. We see ourselves as a strophanthin rescue association.

We want to achieve this through scientific information about the active ingredient strophanthin. In doing so, attention should also be paid to education regarding heart failure and its treatment options.

You can help save Strophanthin ! Join us. Declaration of membership 10-2022

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The Strophantus eV association

On November 2nd, 2013, at the suggestion of Michael Hans Timmermanns, the following people gathered to found the Strophanthus eV (Strophanthin Rescue Association):

  • Dr. Wieland Debusmann, Am Ölberg 36, 96450 Coburg, Tel. 0171 3457322

  • Michael Hans Timmermanns, Römerstr. 7, 87463 Dietmannsried, Tel. 08374 9849

  • Stefan Timmermanns (son of Michael Timmermanns)

  • Helga Höltz, Lucas-Cranach-Str. 1, 69126 Heidelberg, Tel. 06221 728530, Mobile 0175 8475230

  • Dr. Norbert Brand, Rosenbacher Straße 13, 91080 Marloffstein, Tel. 0911 756 579 14

  • Jens Boving, Marktplatz 18, 73479 Ellwangen, Tel. 07961 2582

  • Marcus Knobloch, Dachsbergstrasse 3, 34225 Baunatal, Tel. 01577 7840556


The team since October 2020:

The first chairman is Dr. Wieland Debusmann was chosen because of his great experience with strophanthin. He himself maintains many contacts with strophanthine-experienced, advising and prescribing doctors. Key points on the résumé:

Born 3.4.1942 in Memel, East Prussia

Both parents doctors

Abitur in Traben Trarbach 1962

Studied medicine in Homburg / Saar, then switched to dentistry

State examination with “very good”

Dissertation Dr. med. dent.

Own practice in Coburg from 1971 to 2008

1984 Heart attack and first “study” of strophanthin

Hobbies: two dogs, sailing, jogging, archeology

Divorced, three daughters

Josef Enichlmayr 2nd chairman


Dr. Wieland Debusmann is acting treasurer of the association.

Honorary member: Rolf-Jürgen Petry, naturopath, health activist, author of the standard scientific work “The solution to the heart attack problem: Strophanthin”

Advisory Board:

For scientific questions, Dr. Norbert Brand (head of the Maros company, manufacturer of the g- and k-strophanthin tincture)

and the pharmacist Jens Boving are available.


Our association is recognized as non-profit by the Coburg Tax Office and registered at the Coburg District Court.

You should consider joining the association for reasons of solidarity. Without a joint effort, it is to be feared that more and more strophanthin will be lost. To do this, open the menu item “Join / Donate”.

A short initial telephone consultation for those interested in strophanthin is free of charge. For members of Strophanthus eV, Dr. Debusmann can call for free advice at any time. For this he can be reached in the morning from 9:30 a.m. on 0171 3457322. However, he cannot write a prescription. His advice does not replace a visit to a competent strophanthine doctor.