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Help to your heart. The natural remedy strophanthin, or ouabain, as it is often called in English literature, helps a stressed and diseased heart. It stabilizes it and keeps us fit and healthy. It is a scandal that modern medicine will forget about this wonderful cure! Our goal is to preserve strophanthin for future generations.

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Strophanthin/Ouabain online

You can buy a very good Strophanthin Tincture without a prescription from an Austrian herbal trader, who has moved to Brazil and runs the firm Teebrasil“. I myself tried the Strophanthin Mother Tincture with very good results. This does not cost more than other Strophanthin Tinctures, only the cost for shipping is a bit higher. 

A second source to get the strophanthin is by the company VITAE NATURA :

Homepage: www.strophantil.com

and Strophanthin-Shop :    Homepage: htps://www.strophantin-shop.com/ You can order g-Strophanthin capsules without prescription. Shipping is from Portugal.

The best homepage regarding heart attack and Strophanthin is that of Dr. Knut Sroka. It is so good, it could even be helpful for doctors! His main therapie-tool for heart deseases is Ouabain. He explains it in the menupoint FAQ, there point number 10.

New: You can buy a very good mother tincture on Amazon USA. It is declared homeopathic but I tried it, is really is mothertincture.